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How do I bring in a theme from Object Dock?
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Author:  nexter [ Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How do I bring in a theme from Object Dock?

RAMWolff wrote:
Honestly? I saw the "fast boot" option right off the bat but didn't know what it was so that's why I didn't enable it. I didn't see it on the bar as I removed all the items in the default load of the bar and got to work replicating my older, buggy ObjectDock bar contents as I just wanted this done as quickly as possible.

Oh and I did follow the instructions on the Theme tutorial page and the ObjectDock theme will not import so not sure what to do about that. I really love that theme. The current bar I have is just to fat. Removing the text from under each icon helps thin it out but still fat. I need larger icons for my eyes. The theme from ObjectDock is, somehow, just right for screen space.... Oh well. I'm happy enough but would be nice to have that theme or find one thats similar to "Reactor" theme...

Hang on a minute. Remove the text under the icons? There is *no* text under icons or anywhere else on the NeXus dock (nor any proper dock). Are you sure you're not getting the dock and shelf mixed up? Sounds to me that you're actually talking about the latter.

And in that case, no, you wouldn't find your OD theme for it because 3rd party dock themes can only apply to the dock.

You do know that you can specify the icon size, right? You might want to try at least 48 pixel size, or even 64 or 96, if not larger.

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