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 Post subject: Scanner Won't Open via WorkShelf
PostPosted: Sun Aug 25, 2019 1:22 pm 

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I haven't had a printer for probably 5 years. Can't afford one on my budget mainly because they kill you with the ink costs. Even if you hardly use the printer, the blasted ink dries out in about 8 months.

Many friends and family got frustrated about me not having one, so they had me research one that I thought is a good one that won't empty your pockets on ink costs. I thought I was doing research for them and had no idea it really was for me LOL.

The printer is an Epson ET-2750. I remember many moons ago having this issue but assumed it was no longer an issue due to either a fix in Winstep, being Win10 instead of Win7, or it being a new printer.

The problem is that when the shortcut is in WorkShelf, it won't open the scanner. If I click on it, I get the message with the path C:\Users\XXXXX\Desktop\Epson Scan 2 - Shortcut (2).ink Class not registered

If I right-click and then left-click on Open file location, I get the message: 'Windows can't find the target' and it then opens the Explorer Desktop folder.

If click on the shortcut from there, it will open the scanner dialog. If I choose Browse Container or Show Container in the right-click menu, it also opens the Explorer Desktop folder, but without the 'Windows can't find the target' message, and it will open the scanner dialog from the link there.

Is there a workaround for this using WorkShelf directly?

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