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WD vs. Seagate Disks
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Author:  nexter [ Fri Apr 12, 2019 7:16 pm ]
Post subject:  WD vs. Seagate Disks

I should be able to get a 2TB HDD for my laptop (to replace my 500GB SSD - couldn't swing a 2TB SSD! Besides, MTBF and reliability does not look that good compared to HDD still) by next month. Still can't quite make up my mind though whether to go for WD or Seagate. So far I've almost always used WD drives (and IBM in the past, very expensive UW SCSI) except a couple of USB Toshiba ones (which in reality are re-badged WD Blues). Not overly impressed with all the more recent WD Blues so would probably go for the WD Black. (Which I still can get for about half the retail price for WD Blue!)

OTOH, the Seagates look pretty impressive and, in theory at least, ought to be a good bit faster. Also, the prices are about 30% lower than for WD.

Any comments/opinions/advice, anyone?

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