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 Post subject: Of Mice, and Encryption and Secure Deletion
PostPosted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 8:49 pm 

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Sadly, my old - OK, semi-antique - de-balled and de-tailed laptop rodent, a Logitec one, is slowly starting to fail. Thus, in order to be prepared I quickly looked for a replacement, even if only a temporary one to tide me over if/when the worst happened. Came across one that, give or take, matched my required specs, plus promised battery life of up to 30 months or so. And all that at a ludicrously low price of about £7! Thought might as well give it a go and see. Sadly, couldn't find out the exact size, and it turned out to be a full size rat, and slightly big for my hands at that. But, other than that, what a find! Working like a charm. Who says there aren't any real bargains around anymore. It's branded tecknet, never heard of that brand before, and like just about everything these days made in China.

Now, being as ever almost obsessively concerned with security and privacy, I've been using secure deletion for a long time, in the form of Eraser. However, I have two issues with it - it can be somewhat slow (granted,almost in the nature of the beast), and I've heard it doesn't play nice with encryption. So just wondering if there are any secure deleters here and if so what app they're using.

Also, for encryption I've been using Veracrypt. Seems pretty good, but lately I've come across discussions where people claimed it to be rather unstable and that they had suffered data loss, including whole drives. Does anybody else here use encryption, and what?

nexter - so, what's next?

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