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How to translate clock/time announcement voices
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Author:  winstep [ Tue Feb 08, 2011 7:17 am ]
Post subject:  How to translate clock/time announcement voices

Currently the clock module is able to say the time in two different languages: English and Italian.

Several users from other nationalities have asked to have these on their own language. It's quite easy to make your own voice voice packs as they work like a 'theme'. Here is what you need to do, as explained to a French user:

Basically the clock says the time by putting together sound bites recorded separately. For instance (it helps if you are familiar with the English time format):

<The time is> + <h> + <m> + <pm/am> (e.g. The time is 10 15 AM)


<The time is> + <h> + <o'clock> (e.g. The time is 10 PM)

also, the same voice files are also used by the Email Checker module/widget to announce the number of new messages, in the following format:

<You have> + <new mail> (e.g. You have new mail)

followed by

<You have> + <x> + <new messages> (e.g. You have 10 new messages)


<You have> + <no messages> (e.g. You have no new messages)

This means you need to make the following sound files (I think the names are self explanatory):


As another example, if it's 10:53 PM, the clock would automatically join the following sound files:

Thetimeis.wav + 10.wav + 50.wav + 3.wav + PM.wav

Of course, even though you would save the files with the above filenames, the content (what is actually said) would be in French.

Now, time format in French is obviously different from the time format in English. So we have to adapt a bit. In French, the TheTimeIs.wav file would hold the words 'Il est'

The Oclock.wav file would hold 'Heures'.

So, for 10:53 PM, the clock would say

<Il est> + <10> + <cinquante> + <trois>

Unfortunately we should, but can't, use 'heures' after the <10> because the English time format does not allow it. However, 'I'l est dix cinquante trois' is also acceptable, as far as I know.

For 10:00 (ten o'clock), the clock would say

<Il est> + <10> + <heures>

Here the clock will use the Oclock.wav file which holds the 'Heures' word.

The AM.wav and PM.wav files in French will simply not exist, they are not necessary as time in French is always in 24 hours format - since the files don't exist, the clock will simply not say them.

For the Email Checker sound bites, YouHave.wav would hold 'Vous avez', NoMessages.wav would hold 'pas de messages' and so on...

Now, to actually make the files, I think the best/easiest way is to overwrite the originals, which you can find in C:\My Documents\Winstep\Themes\Female Voice\ . When making the recording, try to keep the voice in the same tone and volume. You can also record all the necessary sound bits all in one go, with pauses in-between words/numbers, and then use a Sound Editor to chop-off the sound bites into the different files.

Doing this can actually be fun, specially when you hear the end result. :-) Also, if you do a Female Voice, it would also be nice to have a Male Voice in French, so the user can choose. Up to you.

Once you have the .wav files, you should send them to the Winstep support address, so we can make actual voice packs from them and include the new voices in future releases.

Author:  hessam [ Thu Feb 10, 2011 2:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How to translate clock/time announcement voices

Hello Jorge
I maked Farsi voice packs send you :lol: :oops: but may my voice not very good.also i think farsi diffrent with english.also dont created this files 0.wav, 100hours.wav,oclock.wav i dont know what is it.
also tested it but dont say it <You have> and just say <no messages>
<You have> + <no messages>

also maybe this not very good for farsi
Thetimeis.wav + 10.wav + 50.wav + 3.wav + PM.wav
maybe beeter must have another voice
Thetimeis.wav + 10.wav + 50.wav +another voice+ 3.wav + PM.wav

Author:  winstep [ Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How to translate clock/time announcement voices

Hi Mona!

Thanks for the updated Farsi language files and the Farsi voice files. I'll turn the latter into a full voice pack as soon as I'm able to and I'll get back to you. :D

Author:  hessam [ Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How to translate clock/time announcement voices

thankyou very much
for o'clock is Enough for farsi
<The time is> + <h> + <pm>

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