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Italian translation of NextSTART and much more...
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Author:  Goet [ Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:59 am ]
Post subject:  Italian translation of NextSTART and much more...

Hi all, I'm new here :)

I've sent an email to WinStep support with no answer, so I'm registering here.

I've completed italian translation of NextSTART, Start Menu Organizer and Update Manager. The big one was the first of course.

I'm actually doing a revision of WorkShelf in order to complete it, matching and adjusting terms with NextSTART, that I keep adjusting itself in the process.

Since I've done quite an extensive testing job with NextSTART, I'm posting now what I've found. Don't know where to start heh... let's talk about translation related issues first:

1. looks like there's no entry to translate in the .ini file for the menu title of the system tray button (right click on it) (pic)

2. had to add Tray Cache Reset. entry, it was just missing (pic). Tried the trick with System Tray Button too but it didn't work.

3. looks like there's no way to translate pre-definied menu names (Start Menu\right click whatever\Insert New Menu Item\Menu\Pre-Defined Menu\)

4. looks like the following entries are broken:

Centered in the Taskbar
Centered in the Tasklist section
Aligned Right

they just don't get translated (pic)

very unaesthetical (and not professional), really an eyesore, especially after all the efforts done eh eh

5. some shared entries that IMHO shoudn't share anything:

Dim. (pic)
Taskbar Settings (pic)
Icon Size entry too shares the voice with right click on taskbar\Tasklist Settings\Icon Size.

IMHO, it would be better not to share this stuff in order to do a good and clean\professional translating job, but I'm not a coder and can't say how hard this can be to fix.

6. another unfriendly entry (for our english friends): right click on the taskbar and click Taskbar settings\Always on top. Now if you repeat steps you would expect to see something like "Always on top off", instead appears a curious "Normal Z-Order", that indeed does its job of toggling always on top. Ok, it has a page on wikipedia, but still... :)

7. for the english side in general, you may want to check for double empty spaces, they're quite unaesthetic on a GUI, I've found some (yes, I'm maniacal till this :p)

Now let's see some bugs, or "bugs"...

8. I guess there are some problems with menu id:
Start Menu\right click whatever\Insert New Menu Item\Blank Menu
now right click on new created menu and select Menu Entry Properties. If you switch Menu ID (even without saving) and try to reopen menu properties, you get drop-down list voices duplicated everytime you do this... here's the pic

9. seems that "Sounds" and "Multimedia Properties" internal commands open the same thing, at least on my Windows 7 x64.

10. dunno if it worths a mention, but... right click on start button--> if you respectively click first on "Explore" or "Explore All Users" and then on "Open" or "Open All Users", then it works as it should be, opening 2 separate windows fo the same folder with expanded and collapsed left panel.
If you invert the order, it opens only one window and you won't be able to get the expanded left panel version. I guess Windows behaviour more than NextSTART, but who knows.

11. Preferences\Taskbar\System Tray Settings screen:

looks like the comand "Always show all system tray icons" does indeed this: "Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar" (see this pic)

while it's not clear to me what "Always show all system tray icons in Systray menus" does, since nothing happens once checked or unchecked on the systray.

12. I may be wrong, but there's no way to open a website using hotspot wizard... when I select "Open a Web Site" action, no matter how I set the rest, once I click on next button it automatically switches to "Display a Menu Showing the Contents of a Virtual Folder", so no hotspot for websites.

13 little visual bug (maybe, it shoudn't depend on me): run NextSTART with default settings. Here's how your system tray should appear, icon more icon less: Image

Step 1: right click on system tray control button and hide time: Image

Step 2: left click on the button: it should hide icons.

Step 3: right click on the button again and select show time and date. Got the same? Image

The strange thing is that I can reproduce it only with about 90% of success let's say. Sometime after step 1 the button doesn't get resized so much, sometime after step 3 get resized good. But in general if you play a little bit with steps you get the bug.

Ok, I'm done. :mrgreen:
As I said, I'm spending time with WorkShelf now, so more reports are coming I guess.

I hope to earn Xtreme license in this way, cause your software is amazing!

Author:  Goet [ Thu Aug 30, 2012 1:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Italian translation of NextSTART and much more...

I've completed WorkShelf revision too, but I'm waiting for someone to show up before posting my reports...

Author:  Aliraza35 [ Mon Dec 21, 2015 7:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Italian translation of NextSTART and much more...

So I red all informations about translation job wrote on this site and I just finished to translate to Turkish.?????

Author:  winstep [ Tue Dec 22, 2015 11:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Italian translation of NextSTART and much more...

Aliraza35 wrote:
So I red all informations about translation job wrote on this site and I just finished to translate to Turkish.?????

Send the translation files to the Winstep support email address.

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