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Service Announcement - 7th June 2021
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Author:  nexter [ Mon Jun 07, 2021 3:54 am ]
Post subject:  Service Announcement - 7th June 2021

Notice to everybody.

The programmer/owner of Winstep and administrator of these forums, Jorge - user name "Winstep" - has been absent for a while and regrettably continues to be so at present. While it is hoped that he will be with us again soon, please be advised that any support emails and PMs will likely face a long wait for any reply, and you are strongly advised and indeed urged to hold back on any support emails or PMs until "the boss" is back in the store. :)

Also please note that requests for support/help and other queries in these forums may face long delays in being answered. There are only two of us volunteer Global Moderators minding the store, with limited time available to us, and some things need the knowledge and expertise of "the boss".

If you feel able to answer a "cry for help" in these forums, then please, do join the handful of other regulars who try to help. It's what the community is for. Thanks.

N.B. - Jorge, as and when you get back here, please delete. :) Oh, and welcome back! :8

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