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 Post subject: Service Announcement 13th September 2021
PostPosted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 7:40 pm 
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Although we had a recent indication that Jorge (the sole proprietor & coder of Winstep and sole owner and admin of this board, user name 'Winstep') is alive and if not kicking at least reasonably alright, it presently does not look too likely that he will return to active duty really soon now, alas.

However, as someone who has been with the Winstep (originally NextSTART) project since its inception over 23 years ago and thus knowing Jorge better than most (possibly anyone) here, I would like to reassure everybody that he will be back eventually - maybe next week, maybe next month, or even maybe next year. ;) This is not the first time that we have seen a long absence of Jorge, and on one occasion he had gone AWOL for around about a whole year. But he will never abandon this project, his baby and life's work, of that you can be certain. The investment he has in the Winstep project is an enormous one, one of creativity, energy, nerves, emotion, time - IOW, blood, sweat and tears.

At times, he works away obsessively for months at a stretch or even a year or more, in fact, so intensely that one has to wonder if or how he finds any time at all for other things, such as sleep for one. The amount of work that Jorge has done in the last few years alone and the progress made of the Winstep apps is just phenomenal, with an incredible amount of new features. And still there is a 'to do' list of new features and improved features as long as an arm and a leg.

All told, it remains for me to ask everybody in these forums to show a bit of patience please and not lose faith. Jorge will be back and customer service will get back to normal, and there will be updates galore.

Finally, a word or two about us moderators, that is, myself - nexter - and DesertDwarf. We are in no way affiliated with Winstep Sofware and are purely unpaid volunteers who have been long term users of the software. We try and keep order in the forums by removing spam, and the occasional trolling and the like, and also we try to help with queries and problems etc. when and where we can, and all that in our limited spare time.

Thank you all for staying with the project.

nexter - so, what's next?

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