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 Post subject: WorkShelf v1.7 released!
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2005 5:37 pm 
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WorkShelf v1.7 released! This new version provides a considerable amount of useful additions to version 1.6:

New Modules:

Net Meter - Measures the bandwidth being used by your selected Network Adapter. In addition, in provides a mind-boggling amount of network statistics (TCP,IP,UDP,ICMP) about that particular connection and allows you to actually see which applications are using it to connect to the Internet or your Local Area Network.

RAM Meter - Measures the amount of RAM being used in your system.

Wanda - The 'fortune cookie' fish. Previously only available on Gnome systems, Wanda has been bought into the Windows world by Winstep. Wanda the fish sits swiming idlessly on your desktop and, when clicked on, provides precious pearls of human wisdom. Wanda can randomly retrieve quotes - or fortune cookies - from local, user-editable files, or from an Internet database with over 50,000 different quotes.

CPU Meter - Added a Most Active Programs History dialog to the CPU meter - lists the most active programs in the last 128 seconds and the percentage of CPU used by them (Windows 2000 and XP only).

New Visual Effects:

Dynamic width tabs - Until now WorkShelf tabs always covered the full width of the shelf, giving it a somewhat 'boxy' look. As of version 1.7, tabs can also be left justified, right justified or centered (therefore using only as much horizontal space as needed). Note, however, that even if most older themes will work well with this new option, not all will... Give it a try and decide for yourself. The new tabs position options can be found in the 'Appearence and Sounds' sub-menu of the left-mini tab context menu.

3D Item buttons - Items in the shelf can now be 'buttonized' for a more intense 3D look. Again, note that since older themes were made before this option was available, not all will look 'right' (even if most of them will). This option can also be found in the 'Appearence and Sounds' sub-menu of the left-mini tab context menu.

Icon Labels - Icon labels are now highlighted as well as the icon when the mouse pointer hovers over them.

Balloon Tooltips - All tooltips in Workshelf are now balloon-shaped.

Clock - Clock hands are now anti-aliased and the skinner can set the color of the clock hands for the in-shelf clock module.

Desktop Meters - Added bitmap graph support for Meter modules with advanced skinning (wsCPUb.bmp, wsCPUh.bmp, wsNetb.bmp, wsNeth.bmp, wsRAMb.bmp and wsRAMh.bmp). The 'b' stands for Bar and the 'h' for Histogram. This means the skinner can now, for instance, make multi-colored meters (e.g. green at the bottom and red at the top).
Also added Added Multi-State image support to desktop meters (for things like gauges, etc...). Filenames are wsCPUMulti.bmp, wsNetMulti.bmp and WsRAMMulti.bmp. Just create a single bitmap with as many state images as you want and tell WorkShelf the x and y position plus the number of frames.

Drag & Drop additions:

Virtual Objects - Workshelf now accepts virtual shell items (such as the objects in Control Panel) to be dropped into and from it. If such a virtual object is dropped into a folder type shelf (or from WorkShelf into an Explorer folder), a shortcut is created into it. This means Workshelf can now act as an Universal drag & drop target or source.

Regular Shelves - Previously you could drop files from Explorer windows into Regular shelf tabs, but not the reverse. Now you can, provided the object you are dragging from a Regular shelf is part of the file system or a Windows virtual object.

URLs - You can now drag & drop an URL from Internet Explorer windows into WorkShelf (and from Workshelf into an Internet Explorer or Explorer window).

Drag & Drop Auto-Scroll - A shelf can contain more items that can be viewed at once. To view all items you can either fully expand the shelf by double-clicking on its tab or scroll it, one row at a time, by clicking on the scroll buttons on the right side. When performing a drag & drop operation, however, you can do none of the above - that is why a multi-row shelf now auto-scrolls when you position the item being dragged over one of the scroll buttons - this allows you to position the item being dropped exactly where you want it.

Misc. Functionality:

Thumbnails - Image and video files in the shelf (as well as any registered file types that provide this functionality) can now be optionaly previewed as thumbnails.

Information Tooltips - Up until version 1.6, item tooltips only provided the complete name of that particular shelf item (space restrictions meant long item names would usually be cropped). Version 1.7 tooltips now present as much information about files, folders and virtual objects in the shelf as the tooltips provided in Explorer windows.

Automatic Check for Updates - WorkShelf can now automatically check for new versions provided an Internet connection is available.

Tip of the Day - On startup WprkShelf now automatically provides a random - and optional - tip of the day. More tips can be manually displayed by opening the Info sub-menu of the Shelf's left mini tab context menu.

Version 1.7 provides many more additions and fixes that are not listed here! Get Workshelf now from the Winstep web site at

Jorge Coelho
Winstep Xtreme - Xtreme Power! - Winstep Software Technologies

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