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WorkShelf v1.8 released!
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Author:  winstep [ Tue Jun 28, 2005 9:48 pm ]
Post subject:  WorkShelf v1.8 released!

WorkShelf v1.8 released!

WorkShelf just got a lot faster and the email module now permits monitoring of IMAP accounts and SSL access. The following is a complete list of additions over version 1.71:

* WorkShelf now permits simultaneous internet connections for all modules and Internet functions.

* The Email Checker module can now work over SSL connections. This also means the Email Checker can be used with Gmail accounts if you enable POP3 on that account.

* The Email Checker module now supports IMAP mail servers.

* The Email Checker tooltip now provides individual information about each of the mail servers being polled when you are using the module to monitor more than one email account.

* WorkShelf now uses it's own private clipboard format in drag & drop operations of WorkShelf objects. This means WorkShelf drag & drop data cannot be confused by other applications as drag & drop of straight text anymore.

* The 'Current Network Connections' window of the Net Meter module is now resizable.

* Icons are now cached on NT/Win2000/XP systems. This means that shelves now open instantly after you have accessed them once.

* Shelf icons and thumbnails of the currently open shelf that are not in view are never-the-less rendered on the background so that they are ready to be displayed when the user scrolls the shelf.

* If system icons change, WorkShelf now automatically refreshes the currently open shelf so that any icon changes can be reflected.

* New 'Make Shelf from Folder' right click context menu option. Right click on a folder in a Shelf and you will get an option to create a new shelf displaying the contents of that folder. This new shelf will also open automatically.

* You can now specify which server port number to use for email server connections performed by the Email Checker module.

* Added a 'Check for Updates' item to Info sub-menu of the Shelf context menu.

Get Workshelf v1.80 now from the Winstep web site at

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