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 Post subject: NextSTART v3.4 Beta 1 Released!
PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2005 6:00 pm 
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Winstep is proud to announce the release of NextSTART v3.4 Beta 1.

Version 3.4 adds a multitude of enhancements such as Automatic Updates, Tip of the Day, improved drag & drop capability, etc...

You can download the new beta from

Note: A previous full NextSTART or Winstep Full Pak installation is required! Do not un-install anything, just install the beta on top of your current Winstep installation.

Please, do not forget that feedback is extremely important, specially for beta versions. Should you find a bug, please report it here or email .

The following is a full list of changes and additions in version 3.4:

New Features:

* The NextSTART Recent Documents Menu under XP no longer displays hundreds of files, but the last 15 used documents.

* Added option in Global Preferences tab to control how many Documents are displayed in the Recent Documents menu.

* Spring folder items when dragging (open sub-menu automatically after 2 seconds).

* New 'Browse with NextSTART' right click context menu option for Program type items in NextSTART menus that point to folders (and would therefore open in Explorer if you clicked on them). Selecting Browse with NextSTART from the context menu will open a NextSTART sub-menu displaying the contents of that folder.

* New 'Make Shelf from Folder' right click context menu option. Right click on a folder item in a menu and you will get an option to create a new WorkShelf shelf displaying the contents of that folder. Note that WorkShelf must be running for this command to execute properly.

* Added 'New Quick Launch Item' to the Startbar context menu.

* NextSTART can now automatically check for updates over the Internet.

* Added a 'Check for Updates' Internal command.

* Added a 'Check for Updates' item to the Info sub-menu of the default NextSTART menu.

* Added a 'Tip of the Day'.

* Added 'Show Tip of the Day' Internal Command.

* NextSTART now accepts virtual shell items (such as the objects in Control Panel) to be dropped into menus. If such a virtual object is dropped into a folder type menu, a shortcut is created into it in the folder.

* You can now drag & drop file objects from normal menus into Explorer windows.

* Added support for URLs. You can now drag & drop an URL from Internet Explorer windows into a NextSTART menu.

* You can now copy URLs from NextSTART menus to Explorer windows.

* Added Starbar capture support to WorkShelf's new Net, RAM and Wanda modules.


* Re-organized Global Preferences tab to make room for the new features.

* Removed the 'Show Launch Errors' option which was no longer used by NextSTART.


* NextSTART now signals WorkShelf on exit that the Reserved Screen area has possibly changed.

* Drag & Drop support between WorkShelf and NextSTART (and vice-versa) has been restored.

* NextSTART always showed hidden files even if the 'Show Hidden Files' toggle was unchecked.

* Fixed problem where WorkShelf modules released from the NextSTART startbar where no longer being returned to their proper position.

Have fun,

Jorge Coelho
Winstep Xtreme - Xtreme Power! - Winstep Software Technologies

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