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Author:  BassdudeNZ [ Wed Oct 26, 2016 1:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Theme approach

Nice dream. If that were true Windows Servers would not exist because they would have their asses sued off by Novell for completely and blatantly ripping off Novell directory Services and very poorly at that. The Inherited rights in Windows Servers still are not as good in AD as they were in NDS in 1998 and it is 2016. Most of the world got so caught up in "ooh that's pretty" with GUI's,they forgot that servers were more important to be managed at command line level so anyone without skills could not tear the network down. Novell still even at user level is the lowest hacked server system in I.T history along with Linux. Microsoft comes a poor LAST.
Graphics schmaphics. pffft... In high level I.T - they are pixels represented by 0's and 1's that any serious hacker laughs at.
I do not agree digital is not ART it is a learned skill. Artists are born with it.

And still to show how insecure the world is with security - I can go into ANY Windows server with a Linux boot disk and reset the administrator password.
So the only TRUE security is the one that has always existed - PHYSICAL. Keep thieves out physically. If it is online it can and will likely be stolen if someone wants it badly enough.

Nice dream as I said.

Author:  BassdudeNZ [ Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Theme approach

Nice one to say goodbye with :)
I have left wincustomize. back to doing what i always intended.
In a way i am happy people moaned like little girls.
I ended up creating something so close to what i originally envisaged, it's a nice swansong.
If there is anything of whatshisfaces in there it would be not only a total accident, it certainly is not being used because I deleted everything that I could see. There are no animations either other than meters.
Cheers and bye.

The Louvre.jpg
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Author:  BassdudeNZ [ Mon Oct 31, 2016 6:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Theme approach

BTW fixed menu in Orchestra uploaded wait a few days, can't leave anyone with a crap menu I'd personally regret it. cheers

Author:  BassdudeNZ [ Wed Nov 09, 2016 12:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Theme approach

In case anyone is wondering what happened to the pages on Wincustomize, I deleted them.
NOBODY in ANY field should ever be so stupid to accuse anyone of having and doing "Nothing original" on a public site. Nobody being accused of that level of insulting should tolerate it more than once, let alone four times.
While until told the rules I certainly copied and unknowingly used things I was unaware I could not and most people know this, then to be accused of doing nothing that was mine or not creating anything of my own four times and nothing original when I can prove otherwise regardless of how small invoked legal proceedings.

"Creation of a Bass", a one-of-a-kind" instrument electronically and where I took most of the photos, own the instrument and designed the look and feel and paid for it is about as original as it gets. I even drew the dock squares and used photos I took and drew the easy menu and it is easy graphically.
Not once or twice but four times being told in different ways I have done nothing of my own or anything created originally and the only original thing might be a config file edit was one too many. To top it off the site allowed it to a occur, the perpetual statements and Jafo's direct mail which he replied to and was made aware of is also in the hands of the lawyer. In my country and Australia there are government not civil laws against allowing bullying to occur. I do not not even need to appear. It's being handed to the Australian branch to The Department of Labour and Industrial relations and their US office who will handle it under US laws as well.

I will be doing no more. What was fun is now a bane. I neither wanted to offend anyone or do anything but create but I refuse as any self-respecting person should to be told they do nothing remotely original other than a config file in different ways many times. It attacks anyone's personal integrity and ability to create. I do not care how well known someone is you just do NOT do that. EVERYONE has something original to offer however small or large. It's an insult and harrassment with the amount of times, and most people I know witnessing it, have seen it that way regardless of how limited my skills may or may not be.
I will also after deleting on advice after being prevented from replying by the site, which the lawyer logged in on my computer and tried himself [very stupid on the site's part ] , not doing any more or keeping the program on my computer and Jorge I know you can check that one. it's pretty hard to get a ping or do an auto update when the program is not active. It was fun but now it's a pain in the ass. Bullying in Australia & NZ carries severe penalties especially if a company allows it and they have been requested to cease it.
[In writing].


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