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 Post subject: Re: Icons from a Hotspot / Jump Lists
PostPosted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 3:27 pm 
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JKnot wrote:
Also had a vendor do a demo for a week with their app - they left with 20 or so things to fix. Although another 20 were, "Nah, normal people just wouldn't do that."

Lol. I seriously love when people point out bugs or issues in the software, and I usually go out of my way to fix them (and get a tremendous amount of satisfaction when I do).

In part because of this, I also really dislike is when people trash the software based on a couple of issues, completely forgetting about all the other hundreds of things it actually does right (there is a tremendous amount of functionality in each Winstep application, and I am not exaggerating).

Problem is, some issues are not bugs at all but things specific to that user's system because of some weird interaction with 3rd party software (normally AV software doing stuff it shouldn't to other processes, or buggy DLLs that get injected into your process) or even hardware problems. There are so many possible hardware/software combinations out there that sometimes I think it's a small miracle anything works properly at all! :)

Another problem is that to fix an issue I must first understand what is going on, and for that I need to be able to reproduce it here.

Many bugs appear when you add new functionality, due to unforeseen interactions with code that was already there (some code in Winstep Xtreme is 15 years old or more. If code could smell, these old parts would stink lol).

The source code of Winstep applications is truly huge: it's impossible to have it all in your memory when writing new stuff, and re-testing every little bit of functionality that was previously working fine every time you add something new or make a change is completely impractical. You can only do your best.

Jorge Coelho
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