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 Post subject: Theme building for absolute beginners
PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:37 am 

Joined: Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:28 pm
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Hello everyone!
I am a beginner in this theme stuff, so after browsing the forum for info, I have decided to make this thread, that I hope could become an informational hub for all beginners brave enough to start this adventure.

How many of you have looked through pages and pages of themes, only to realise that there is nothing there EXACTLY the way you want? Well, would it be nice if you could just make your own theme... Well, you can make it... In theory at least.

- Time is a valuable asset, how many of us can afford to learn from scratch by trial and error alone? After all, google searching this subject does not take you verry far, given the current state of decline in the skinning community.
- Correct workflow. How do you start to skin anyway? Getting the picture that you have in your mind transposed to reality can be a daunting task...
- Documentation. What exactly you CAN and CAN`T do in the latest version of Winstep 18.1? I mean, it would be cool to make, for example a curved vertical dock, to follow the circle of a HUD display from the background ( example of the top of my head...), but can you actually make that? With icons following the curvature or you have to settle for a "fake" curve given by a background applied to the skin? Questions can flow and flow....

- Help from the experienced skinners, they can point the new generation into the right direction, thus saving a lot of time and effort to us beginners. That could be just the thing someone needs to dare trying this.
- Although a full blown theme builder may not be a realistic expectation at this point, some more insight from the developer (Winstep crew), would certainly help a lot!
- More involvement from the community!!! If there are people that want to give skinning a try, speak up. That could be THE THING that would encourage the developer and the old timers to get involved and give help. After all, time is valuable for them also, can not expect them to just waste it just that some guy whats to try skinning... But if the nuber grows, who knows...

As a begining, here the links that I have found usefull:

It is not much, but it is a start. Others are welocome to post links and advices on how to start skinning, corect workflow, common mistakes and issues, ideas, etc.

Having all this info in one place would help a lot.

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