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How do I tweak a Winstep theme?
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Author:  Jeff411 [ Wed Nov 23, 2022 9:40 pm ]
Post subject:  How do I tweak a Winstep theme?

I want to tweak some Winstep components to make them more accessible for my visually-impaired partner.
In the Windows_7_Xtreme theme for instance, I'd like to change the:

1. Menu component
    1. Use a white background
    2. Display fully opaque borders
    3. Remove the [greenish?] highlight and separator on the last menu item. (misaligns at 200% menu scale)

2. NextSTART taskbar
    1. Use an opaque background
    2. Set the background color

I've taken a look through the files in the Windows_7_Xtreme directory.

Can someone provide an overview of the basic file structure?
And/or point me at some tutorials or resources for tweaking/making these themes?

Also, if possible, any help on how to implement any of the example tweaks above would be much appreciated.

TIA ~ Jeff

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