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 Post subject: 2 long time wanted features by me
PostPosted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 8:07 am 

Joined: Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:28 pm
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Hello Jorge,

Here are 2 of the gripes I had with Winstep from day one, even before deciding to buy it:

1. The ability to acces the windows 10 right click context menu for a taskbar pinned app, for a pinned dock/shelf/drawer app (I know that at that time there was no drawer...). The windows 10 has some genuine useful things in that menu, like the most recent files opened by that app (and the ability to pin those files), for example.

It would be really nice to be able to access that menu (native Windows 10 pinned app menu) when you right click (or maybe ALT+rmb?) on an shortcut app that is in a dock/shelf/drawer.

2. I remember a while back, I asked if you can implement the app switching via drag and drop files over an app preview in a dock... And you did that. Thank you again Jorge! It is great. Now here is what I have noticed, using that quite often: sometimes it can get... I don`t know: fiddly? You drag and drop a file you want to share, let`s say from explorer to desktop whatsapp app. So you start to drag the file from explorer over the whatsapp icon, you wait a while, the preview window pops up, you start to move the file to preview window, you wait a while, the whatsapp window is pushed in front and you move and drop the file in the app. All this waiting is kind of disruptive and also sometimes when you try to move the mouse (that has the file coming with it) from the icon in the dock to the preview window, in the time you try to do this the preview window disappears and you have to start all over.

Having control over the time it takes for the popup preview to appear and also the time it takes to disappear could maybe make things go smoother for drag and drop app switching?

So, what do you think Jorge about that? Do you think it is worth the trouble to look into it?

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 Post subject: Re: Winstep Wish List
PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:04 am 

Joined: Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:23 pm
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winstep wrote:
Alas... forget multi-threading.

When all this started - because me and John T.Folden wanted to emulate the look of NeXT style menus on Windows 95/98 and there was nothing back then that did this - I used the best tool at the time to make a quick mockup: Visual Basic 5.0.

I had no idea this 'mockup' would eventually develop into NextSTART, a full blow application, and eventually into Winstep Xtreme, etc... I had no idea that I would still be doing the same thing 20 years later, or that Microsoft would some years later scrap what was - at the time - the most popular development environment ever and replace it with that DOT Net abomination.

Hindsight is 20/20 vision, as they say, and had I known back then what I know now I would have used C++ instead of VB 5.0. But I didn't, and so I am now committed to using VB 5.0. That you can STILL do so much with it - and even applications like Nexus etc which you CANNOT do with DOT net because DOT Net isn't fast or lean enough - is a testament to how powerful classic VB was.

Re-writing the whole application(s) into C++ from the ground up is not a realistic option either, as Netscape learned when they tried re-writing their browser from scratch. By the time they finished the world had moved on, and all they had in their hands was a buggy mess - stability is also the result of years and years and years of bug fixes on top of bug fixes, something you do not benefit from when starting from scratch.

Problem is: classic VB is single threaded and this is a limitation of the language - it was never developed further to support multi-threading. I can only 'fake' multi-threading by using several tricks, and/or off-loading certain tasks to an external executable.

For instance, counting how many files are in the Recycle Bin and their sizes is actually done by winstep.exe, not the main application, so that the main application does not come to a screeching halt waiting for the API call to return when there are thousands of files in the Recycle Bin. Likewise, copying/moving a large number of files via drag & drop is also done by winstep.exe - this way the main application can remain responsive while the copy/move operation is still ongoing.

I guess emptying the Recycle Bin could also be offloaded to winstep.exe, if it's taking that long in your case.

that is heck of a history. good thing is winstep still very fast for what it does and havent encountered any bugs even after months of use. unlike some outdated ones such as object/rocket dock have massive lag/delay when starting up application winstep doesn't have this issue.

is having 0ms for dock to auto show/hide itself also a problem with VB5.0? or could we possibly please have the option to reduce 100ms to 0ms?

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