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 Post subject: Newbie Winstep Forum Members
PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2021 7:42 pm 
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Something very odd is happening on the Winstep board that I've never seen on other boards, at least, not to the massive extent that we seem to get it here.

It would seem that a very large percentage of new members here register and then - months or even years later - have never made a single post, nor even as much as logged into their accounts. What's the point of that!? Very strange indeed.

What makes me especially suspicious is people opening an account and typically staying logged in for 1-4 minutes. Again, to what end? I'm rather weary that these might be potential spammers just setting up an account to use at a later time. Or sometimes, quite often really, their profiles and/or signatures already contain spam (alas, as a moderator I can't ban the barstewards until they actually post, though I do mark them with a 'user note'). And often, I'm proved right and days or weeks later they post their spam.

I always work on the basis that everybody's up to no good until proven otherwise. That way, I can't be disappointed. ;)

nexter - so, what's next?

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