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 Post subject: If you are running BitDefender you MUST read this!
PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 2:24 am 
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I still can't believe I have to write this. It seems some Anti-Virus vendors are convinced that the solution to protect their customers from problems is by creating even more problems, but of a different kind.

If you are getting Access Denied errors when installing a Winstep application or updates downloaded by the Winstep Update Manager are failing to run, this will explain why:

Winstep applications - like many others - need a place to store data (such as icons, downloaded updates, themes, etc...) that the application (or even the user himself) might want to modify and that is also accessible to all users on that computer. Winstep stores that type of data in


BitDefender - there may be others - seems to be assuming that EVERY application writing to the Public Documents folder is ransomware trying to encrypt your personal documents.

This despite the application doing the writing NOT having been flagged by their system as malware - that's how much they (DON'T) trust their own engine.

If this wasn't bad enough, what is their solution? They SILENTLY block access to the Public Documents folder, even though that folder is *intended* to contain data that needs to be written to.

The level of stupidity in this is astounding - high up there with Symantec reporting software it hadn't seen before as a WS.Reputation.1 threat and actually quarantining it, making users believe the software was infected with something when, in reality, all that was happening was that the AV hadn't run enough times into that file yet to create an entry for it in its own 'reputation' database.

What the likes of BitDefender are trying to do is akin to using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, or throwing the baby out with the bath water. What's their next step? Block ALL programs from running? That would sure make for a secure system (and an unusable one too, but, for them, that seems to be secondary lol).

The fact that they are blocking access to the Public Documents folder silently shows how little faith they have on their own software catching malware BEFORE it actually harms your system, and how desperate they are to pin the weird behavior spawning from this on 3rd party applications to disguise their own incompetence.

So, if you do get an Access Denied error when installing Winstep software or an update fails to launch, you need to open BitDefender and remove the Public Documents folder from the protected folders (Safe Files) list.

Winstep software is not the only running into this kind of stupid issues. Another example (with more detailed instructions on how to fix this issue) can be found HERE.


Switch to Eset Smart Security. Do it NOW.

Their AV software is really good: I have been using it myself for years and am actually a beta tester for them (although I don't beta test much eheh) and despite their level of protection being top notch I have NEVER seen them doing anything stupid like what this other so called 'AV Solutions' are doing.

Click HERE if you would like to read on how I got invited to be a beta tester for them back in 2006 and how impressed I was - and still am after all these years - with them.

Other than that single false positive which led me to contact them, I have never again run into any problems between Eset and Winstep software (or any other legit software, in fact) - and it's been 12 years.

Jorge Coelho
Winstep Xtreme - Xtreme Power! - Winstep Software Technologies

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